Welcome to the Maritime Regional Conference of The Illuminating Engineering Society

Dear IES Guests:

Unfortunately, due to the situation in the world with Coronavirus and the uncertainty of travel and safety we are postponing the 65th Annual IES Conference.

Our delegates and speaker’s safety are our top priority and we have the opportunity with Air Canada Vacations to move the conference to November 2020.

We want you to have as much information as possible to make a decision going forward.

We have limited time since dates filling up in the fall, we are being forced to make a decision fast but want those who purchased insurance (or have it through another means) that wish to cancel the opportunity to do so prior to us changing the date. We will be changing the dates and re-booking tomorrow, so you will have until noon tomorrow, March 17th, to make your cancellation arrangements if you choose to do so.

Those who wish to keep their booking and attend the conference in the fall don’t have to do anything as it will all transfer when the new dates are selected including your cancellation insurance if purchased. The direct flight from Halifax will not be available at that time so there will now be a connector flight - most likely to Toronto. If you remain booked with the conference, Air Canada is covering the difference in cost. We can’t confirm dates until tomorrow when we are ready to re-book, but it’s looking like early or late November. Anyone looking to cancel for now will also have the opportunity to re-book with Jean at a later time if they would like to attend the conference in the fall.

We apologize for the inconvenience and will continue doing our best to stay on top of things and inform you of the changes. We hope everyone is safe and continue to look forward to seeing you this fall.

IES Fredericton Board of Directors

The Maritime Regional IES Conference is celebrating its 65th year in 2020. As a result of this achievement, the District 1 Fiddlehead Section would like to acknowledge the accomplishment by holding next year's conference in a location more fitting for a celebration. Please join us in November, down South in the Dominican Republic for an educational and cultural experience.


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For flights and packages please contact Jean Sheikh for details.
2020 IES Conference Committee:
Cody, Glenn, John, Ralph & Tracey